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The Next-U Academy is a fall-out of a financial literacy programme powered by PAL Pensions in 2018. The Academy intends to equip young graduates with employability skills, relevant in today’s workplace by combining both theoretical business/ graduate school training and practical workplace skills to prepare inducted participants ready as they learn and earn. A Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Pal Pensions and FSDHGroup, the scheme seeks to give back to society by investing in fresh school leavers while building pipeline for top talents recruitment into PAL Pension and competitive firms of choice. Top talents selected become Next-U Fellows and will go through a 12 months on-the-job training while gaining knowledge through virtual and practical trainings.

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Prospects are basic applicants of the Next-U program, you must be a graduate to register for this phase and would be required to upload an SOP and a video for approval to move to the next phase of the program

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Fellows are the next phase after Prospects, prospects have gone through the fellow phase and their SOP and Video has been approved by the Next-U board. Fellows can then proceed to download the Next-U Learning App to continue the program

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Alumni's are graduates of the Next-U Program, they have gone through both the Prospects and Fellow phase and taken rigorous exercises to certify them as graduates of the program. Please see FAQ for clarification


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Participants should click on registration button to register which would direct them to the registration page. Participants are to carefully fill their details and ensure that all informations are correct.

Upload SOP & Video

A brief statement of Purpose questionnaire is designed to access the students’ level of understanding, knowledge and leadership skills which forms the first stage of selection. Participants who perform well will be requested to make a video of not more than two minutes on a pre-determined brief sent to their dashboards and email addresses.

Predictive Index Exercise

PI assessment will be deployed for successful candidates at this stage. Participants will have duration of 3 days to take assessment following a link sent to their email. A prior 3 days notice will be given for proper awareness of the test.

Wait for Approval

Successful candidates are to wait for a confirmation message sent to both their dashboard / email notifying them of success.

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“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” - C.S Lewis

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‘NextU’ is the CSR initiative of PAL Pensions focused on providing knowledge and guidance for ‘Unleashing the Future’ of young people on career, investment, entrepreneurship and life choices, our mission is to to equip fresh school leavers with employability skills and knowledge of the work place before gaining employment.

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from past applicants

Registration is completely free and no charges apply to register for Next-U Academy.
You are only allowed to write ONE Statement of Purpose at the selection stage to qualify for the next phase of the Next-U Academy.
After creating an account on your dashboard by entering all required information, you will receive a corresponding email notification confirming you have successfully applied.
After selection, Next-U Fellows are provided internship opportunities and trained on-the-job, through online modules and webinars for one year duration. Next-U Fellows are also exposed to mentoring and after evaluation is done at the end of the Academy year, qualified participants who pass the benchmark grade are given employment opportunities with sponsor companies and a certificate of participation. Fellows further graduate / are inducted as Next-U Alumni for life.

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