Next-U Prospect

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NEXT-U Prospect

The Prospects phase is the first phase of the Next-U Academy journey. Prospects are bright applicants interested in a slot at the Next-U by Pal Pensions Fellowship Programme.
The Prospect Profile:
To qualify as a prospect, you must be a graduate or about to graduate (Final year student) of a higher Institution. Prospects will prove they have what it takes to make it to the next phase of the programme- Next-U Fellowship with a Statement of Purpose and a challenge that must be passed to move on. Next-U Academy Prospect can get admitted to Fellowship by passing all requirements for entry into the Academy carried out yearly.
Prospects Get to Benefit Too!
There’s some benefit for everyone in the Next-U Programme. All graduates registered on the Next-U platforms have access to a live forum where periodic career opportunities will be displayed. The forum further equip participants on board with training session and free course modules on leadership, employability and entrepreneurial skills with periodic updates and notices on the dashboard of every user.

*All prospects are encouraged to interact and contribute formally in the live community, FORUM*